Friday, 7 March 2014


Screenshot is used to capture an image of what is there on the screen. Screenshot can be used to send the image of the issues you are experiencing while running an application or devices,use it to share reviews about movies and many more things can be done.
Whatever may be the reason, taking a screen shot is not at all difficult.

Here are a few methods by which you can take screenshot and are very easy

  1. Using keyboard: 

  • Capturing an image: Open the screen of which you want to take the image. Screenshot can be taken easily by just pressing two keys. For windows 7 and windows XP press ALT+PrntSc button on the keyboard and for windows 8 press WINDOWS KEY+ PrntSc. PrntSc button is located to the upper right corner of  your keyboard. Resulting image will be saved in your library or clipboard.

  • Editing:  The image captured by this method is of whole display. Editing can be done by using applications such as paint,picassa,etc. There are large variety of softwares available for editing.

  • Save the screenshot: After performing the necessary editing, save the screenshot in a folder or anywhere you want.In the Save As dialog box, in the File name box, type a name for the screen shot, and then click Save.

    2.  Using Snipping Tool:You can capture part or all of your PC screen, add text, save the image, or               email it from the Snipping Tool window.This tool is inbuilt in all windows starting from Vista. The main           feature of this tool is that you can select a particular portion or the whole screen by using various                   snipping selection tools.
  • Open the snipping tool: For windows Vista, click on the start button and in an search dialog box type snipping tool and click on it.For windows 8, move your mouse or trackpad pointer to the lower right edge corner of the screen and than tap or click on the Search. A Search box will appear ,type Snipping  tool and than tap or click on Snipping tool.

  • Capture a snip: In the snipping tool, select the snip from the arrow near to new button.Different types of snips are available for different types of use. Choose the snip you want and then select the area you want to capture. 

  • Save the snip:After taking the snip click on the File and go to Save Snip. A Save snip dialog box appears, in this type the name you want to give your snip and tan click on the save button.  

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